Saturday, January 10, 2009



Welcome to Our Garage Sales's first sale! :)Most of OGS's items are in excellent condition & only just worn once or twice. Since this is OGS's opening launch, we are selling everything chea
p cheap cheap, so grab them now!


OGS Clothing Collections ( Top, Blouse, Dress, Shirt, Jeans)

OGS 1 (reserved)
White Cardigan

Description: OGS loves this sweet little SEED Cardigan. It fits for S and small Medium size.
Retail price: RM 80+
Selling price: RM 45

Polka Dots Blouse

Description: OGS admires this P & Co. Polka Dots Blouse, size M and it is suitable for casual day look and you will look gorgeous in it!
Retail price: RM 80+

Selling price: RM 35


Quarter Sleeve Shirt

Description: This black coloured SODA shirt fits for size M (06) and it looks great for simple casual looks.
Retail price: RM 60+

Selling price: RM 20

Little Grey Dress

Description: This evening dress is suitable for any kind of occasion. It is size S, it is very classy and it has details on the sleeve and on the top of the dress. Ribbons at the back of the dress will make the dress even cuter!
Retail price: RM 60+

Selling price: RM 35

Long Sleeve Floral Dress

Description: This dress is made from cotton material and you will feel comfortable wearing it during day or night. It fits the medium size person and it looks good for those who wear tudung (scarf/veil) too!
Retail price: RM 30
Selling Price: RM 15

Hush Puppies Baby-T

Description: OGS admires this adorable baby-T. It is size S and you can even tie the ribbons around the neck and all eyes will be on you! Gotta have it to believe it!
Retail price: RM 40+

Selling price: RM 20

Disney Sleeveless Dress

Description: This red lovely knee length dress, size M and big S is suitable for decent and trendy look.
Retail price: RM 50+

Selling price: RM 25


MNG Turtle Neck T-Shirt

Description: This black turtle neck shirt, size M is gorgeous and you can outshine your personality by wearing it with scarf around the neck.
Retail price: RM 50+
Selling price: RM 25

P & Co. Baby Blue Baby-T

Description: This baby-t, size S, can be matched with any kind of clothing (jeans, skirts etc).
Retail price: RM 40+
Selling price: RM15

OGS 10
Tized Pink Long Sleeve Shirt

Description: This stretchable pink shirt suits size S person. The details and the designs make the shirt more appealing.
Retail price: RM 40+
Selling price: RM 20

OGS 11 (Reserved)
East India Knee Length Shirt

Description: It is beautifully design, size M and transparent. It is also suits the formal dinner event.
Retail price: RM 129
Selling price: RM 80

OGS 12
SODA Quarter Striped Shirt

Description: This shirt is a bit long and it will create a longer illusion of your body and make you look slimmer. Size S (04)
Retail price: RM 60+
Selling price: RM 25

OGS 13
Long Sleeve Shirt

Description: OGS loves the details! The details at the both side of the shirt will create a flat tummy look!
Retail price: RM40
Selling price: RM 18

OGS 14
Google Blouse

Description: If you like to go for a simple casual look OGS suggests you to wear this blue coloured Google blouse, size L with jeans. You’ll look nice!
Retail Price: RM 40+
Selling Price: RM 20

OGS 15
Sleeveless Top

Description: OGS suggests you can wear this top, size S with different kind of outfits (jeans, cardigan, skirt etc). Never be worn before.
Retail price: RM 15
Selling Price: RM 8

OGS 17

Knitted Purple Long Sleeve Wear

Description: It is simple, size M, knitted, and trendy and it has ribbons on top. And it’s purple!
Retail Price: RM 20+
Selling Price: RM 15

OGS 18
SEED Quarter Green Shirt

Description: It is simple, work wear, size S and fit according to your body. OGS loves green! Never worn before.
Retail price: RM 49.90
Selling Price: RM 25

OGS 19 (Reserved)
Little Black Dress

Description: It’s sexy, cute and OGS assure you will love this dress. Size M. Worn only once.
Retail price: RM 70+
Selling price: RM 50

OGS 20
SCARLET Polka Dots Long Blouse

Description: OGS loves the polka dots printed! OGS suggests to those cuties out there come and grab this dress! Size S. You can wear it with jeans or leggings.
Retail price: RM 40+
Selling Price: RM 25

OGS 21
Sexy Grey Dress

Description: OGS loves the designs from sides, back and front. To those who want to look sexy and gorgeous, OGS wants you to have this dress. You’ll love it. Simple yet trendy and fresh!
Retail price: RM 20

Selling Price: RM 15

OGS 22
Knee Length Skirt Jeans

Description: Size M, blue black, stretchable and pencil designed. F.Y.I, it’s very rare to find!
Retail price: RM 40+
Selling price: RM 20

OGS 23 (Reserved)

SODA White Skirt

Description: OGS loves the skirt. It is suitable for casual wear and lay back look.
Retail Price: RM 60+
Selling price: RM45

OGS 24
Pink Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Description: It is stretchable and it is pretty in pink.
Retail price: RM 30+
Selling price: RM 15

OGS Shoes Collection

OGS 25

Description: This size 4 shoe is lovely.
Retail price: RM 49.90
Selling price: RM20

OGS 26 (reserved)
NOSE 1 ½ Inch Heels

Description: Size 7. Worn once.
Retail price: RM 20
Selling price: RM 10

OGS 27 (sold)
VINCCI Black Wedges

Description: It is a little black shoe, size 6.
Retail price: RM 53.90
Selling price: RM 25

OGS Earrings

Description: These earrings come from OGS’ very own collections. Collect them all!!

OGS 28

Selling price: RM 2 each

OGS 29

RM 4 each

OGS Bag Collections

OGS 30

Revival Butterfly-designed Bag

Description: It is very trendy. Get it now!

Selling price: RM 15

OGS very own collection of scarfs

(tudung, veil, hijab etc. ONLY RM 10!! Collect them all!!)

OGS 31

Pink Floral Hijab

Description: It is made from Indonesia. Beautifully designed. OGS loves it! Pretty In Pink!

OGS 32
Yellow floral hijab

Description: 41 inch x 41 inch

OGS 33

Butterfly-designed scarf

Description: 15 inch x 58 inch

OGS 34

Black & White Selendang

Description: 19 inch x 59 inch

OGS 35

C. Doir Veil

Description: It is bought from Makkah. 39 inch x 39 inch

OGS 36

Turkmen Veil

Description: 43 inch x 43 inch

OGS 37

YSL Veil

Description: 39 inch x 39 inch

OGS Books Collection

OGS 38

Description: Laura Lippman, In Big Trouble

John Baker, The Chinese Girl

Selling price: RM 30

OGS Traditional

OGS 39

Baju kurung

Description: *singing* dalam dirimu penuh kelembutan, semakin hari semakin rindu. OGS loves this lovely baju kurung. And OGS is selling it for RM 15 only!

That's all for our first ever sale! Wait for more exciting & cheap deals from OGS!